Tradesman Tool Bags

The perfect bags for your everyday carry.

Introducing the new line of Crescent Tool Bags. Made for strength. Made to last. Made for the long haul. Every zipper you’ll find on these bags comes with a 3-year guarantee. And every bag comes with a hard polypropylene base to keep your tools safe and dry. These bags are made to take the drops, drags, hits and misses that are just part of life on every jobsite.

Open Bags

Superior tool organization combined with quickest and easiest access.

  • Open-bottom inner sleeves keep small tools  and bits from being lost at bottom of narrow pockets
  • Interior divider panel with large/small open-bottom sleeves to accommodate different-sized tools
  • Quad-riveted tubular steel handle with high-durability comfort grip
  • Sturdy D-ring attachment point
  • Large side pockets and tape measure clip for added convenience




A secure, organized tool storage solution that’s easier to carry.

  • Large zippered mesh-wall interior pockets for quick view of contents
  • Large easy-access adjustable front pocket for bulky items like power cords
  • D-ring attachment points (1 inside, 2 outside, with quick-release web strap)
  • Large side pockets and tape measure clip for added convenience


Closed Bags

Tools stay out-of-sight, neat and clean... free from jobsite debris.

  • The interior divider allows instant access and additional organization options, so you can grab the right tool with ease
  • Pocket sleeves hold the tools in place without losing small bits in the pockets
  • 3 exterior pockets and a 29 pocket interior tool wall provide additional organization, with pocket sleeves to easily access small pieces
  • Includes a water bottle holder and a tape measure clip for added convenience.



20" Contractor Bulk Bag

Better organization for tools both large and small

  • 11 exterior and 19 interior pockets provide a variety of storage and organization options for materials, tools and small parts
  • 26 PALS on the outside of the bag allow for quick, easy access to your frequently used tools



Backpack features convenient magnetic-closure pocket for easy access to keys, cell phone, and other frequently used items

Bright interiors for 

improved tool visibility in

low light conditions

YKK zippers allow secure closure and easy access. Guaranteed for 3 full years

PALS-style webbing for 

easy access to frequently used tools

Crescent Tradesman Tool Bags… 

made tough to keep your tools in order and accessible.


 All bags have a hard polypropylene base that’s built to protect your tools from impact and moisture. And all zippered bags come with 3-year warranted YKK zippers.


Center panels separate tools and allow for additional storage sleeves. Sleeves are open-bottom design so small bits never get lost at the bottom of narrow pockets.


PALS-style webbing allows fast and easy access to frequently used tools. Bright orange interiors make it easier to see tools in low light conditions and dark jobsites.







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