SHOCKFORCE™ Tape Measures

The toughest tapes to ever hit a jobsite.


Shockforce brings new meaning to the term high performance with a full 14 feet* of standout and the ability to survive a 100-foot drop. Add in a diamond coated 360-degree end hook that delivers 50% more gripping power, a two-sided blade with vertical markings on the back, and class-leading ergonomics and you have a tape that’s destined to be the new standard for trade professionals.

Superior Impact Protection

Dual steel guardrails on both sides of the lock button provide superior protection to keep this tape going strong on the toughest jobsites


End Hook

360-degree diamond abrasive-coated end hook grips surfaces better to save time when measuring

Easier Inside Measurements

25-foot tapes have an event 3-inch adder, making

inside measurement calculations fast and easy

Durable Nylon

Blade Coating

Extruded nylon blade coating provides best-in-class blade protection, extending blade life 5X vs. standard uncoated blades

But that’s not all. There’s also the Shockforce Nite Eye, with all the capabilities of the original  Shockforce plus the Nite Eye high visibility green-on-matte black blade. Made for superior legibility in any light condition – from bright sun to dim interiors – Shockforce Nite Eye helps you measure even faster.

High Visibility

Working-At-Height Capable

No-Glare Blade

Integrated thru-hole can be used as a tether loop attachment point when working at height or as a pivot point for scribing arcs

High-contrast green markings and matte finish provide improved legibility in all light conditions.

Industry leading

14 feet of standout*

14-foot standout blade for improved versatility.



Two-Sided Blades

Both Shockforce 

and Shockforce Nite Eye 

blades feature big, bold markings in a type font specifically designed for superior legibility.

There's a Shockforce Tape for Every Job

Whether you want a smaller 16-foot tape for convenient carry, a standard 25-footer with an even 3-inch inside measurement adder, or need the utility of a 35-footer, there’s a Shockforce or Shockforce Nite Eye tape made for you. Every Shockforce and Shockforce Nite Eye is made to last and has a two-sided, 14-foot* standout blade and diamond-abrasive coated end hook to help you measure faster. There are even metric Shockforce models, so no matter what your job demands, Crescent Lufkin Shockforce has you covered.  







*Based on maximum performance

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