Bolt Cutters

More power.
30% less effort.

Exceptional Capacity

Cuts harder and larger diameter materials up to 5/16" HRC-48 materials for 24" model and 9/32" HRC-48 for the 18" model.



Tubular steel handles for extra strength and cutting power.

Ultimate Blade


Precision ground, induction hardened cutting blades for extended edge

life and cutting hard materials.

Revolutionary New Design Reduces Effort to Cut

Introducing the H.K. Porter Double Compound Action Bolt Cutter with PowerPivot™ Technology, an industrial-grade bolt cutter featuring more cutting power with 30% less effort. It’s the perfect solution for production facilities, maintenance and repair operations, utilities, construction sites, oil and gas operations and more.


14" PowerPivot™


18" PowerPivot™


24" PowerPivot™


30" PowerPivot™


36" PowerPivot™

Advanced PowerPivot™ Technology

The unique PowerPivot™ geometry was developed using advanced computer-aided design to create a double compound action system with greater efficiency than competitive bolt cutters. Together with specially engineered HKP blades, PowerPivot™ bolt cutters deliver superior strength with a 30% reduction in effort to cut when cutting 7/16" HRC-31, 3/8” HRC-42, and 5/16" HRC-48.

Double Compound Action PowerPivot™ provides more power and a 30% less effort for easier cutting.

Versatile PowerPivot™ Bolt Cutters cut these common materials and more.